For over half a century, the Combard family has been handing down the winemaking tradition to its sons and daughters. Magali, Delphine and François took the helm of the winery from their father Alain Combard and are proudly carrying on his pioneering spirit. Blending heritage and innovation, Figuière is a traditional winery using time-honored methods that aspires to boldly and creatively cultivate a living legacy through novel winemaking techniques.



François graduated from the Beaux-Arts School and now draws inspiration from the vines and the nature around him. In 1997, he took over from his father, managing production with the intention of using his artistic talents to craft signature wines grown in his beloved and protected terroir. He loves getting up at dawn and taking quiet walks in the morning dew. He tends a kitchen garden and has a taste for a simple and good life, in harmony with nature and loved ones. He likes to say, "Good wine is made on the vine" and that human hands are only there to guide it, not to bring in artifice. His quest for balance and purity is fully expressed in the Figuière style. He also draws on his creativity when exploring new winemaking techniques and the art of blending, which makes him a trailblazer in a new generation of winemakers who honor the past and tradition while boldly shaping the future.



Magali is a tireless globetrotter who loves learning about the world and people. She brings her passion for traveling and meeting new people to her role as sales and marketing manager at the family-owned winery that she joined in 2004. Before then, she had been living in Paris for over 20 years but was delighted to leave in order to reconnect with the land and a quiet life far from the bustling city. Warm and spontaneous Magali has two children and loves inviting lots of friends over for big meals, as well as going for runs in the crisp vineyard air. She has earned her rightful place in a man's world where she shares her zest for life. Always on the lookout for new ideas and up on all the latest trends, she finds ways to work with the entire team to shape the Domaine's future by building its unique character and enhancing its reputation around the world.



Delphine has a fascination for numbers, old stone buildings and life in the great outdoors – and for these three good reasons she agreed to manage the Domaine's finances. She has traded surfing on the beaches of Biarritz for paddle boarding on the Mediterranean and long walks through the vineyards. Amid landscapes that have existed for eternity where grapes are humbly grown with true passion, she is at peace with the sensible and demanding approach she takes to her job. Because this world traveler also loves going off the beaten track and striking the perfect balance in everything she does.


The Combard family's winegrowing story began in Burgundy in the 1970s when Alain Combard joined his friend and partner Michel Laroche in developing what would quickly become one of the best wineries in Chablis. In 1992, the pilot, sailor and avid explorer went looking for new unchartered winegrowing country, which he found in Provence. A year later, he discovered the 44.5 acre Saint-André de Figuière estate and decided to establish himself there, steadfast in his belief that Provence rosés deserve the same place at the table as fine white wines.


Figuière is a family Domaine, so it is part of a long history of skills being passed on with a moral code that puts people first. This is a family in the broad sense of the term, a family at heart united by the same values, the same love for their craft, their terroir and the vineyard.


  • Damien Pagès

    Directeur de Production - Maître de chai
    Damien Pagès

    Hailing from Toulouse, Damien was here for the first harvest in 1992. After three years running another winery and several years learning the ropes of winemaking in Burgundy, Alsace, the Rhone and Loire valleys, he became Alain Combard's right-hand man. Since then, this friendly guy – who studied winegrowing and oenology in Orange, Beaune and Hyères – has been keeping a close watch on the Domaine, which he knows like the back of his hand because he lives here for at least six months at a stretch. He also enjoys taking a little time out to go scuba diving. Besides the atmosphere of the place (his favorite reason for being at the Domaine), he also loves the balance that the terroir gives the grapes. He believes that the vines give winegrowers back what they put in, from pruning and amending the soil to choosing the best equipment for the job – everything is meticulously planned so the wine can really do its magic. Nothing in the world could keep him away from the precious moments of watching the wines come alive. He lives for the great times of tasting samples from the tanks and barrels and talking for hours with Alain Combard about the blends.

  • Jean-Louis Baud

    Chef de culture
    Jean-Louis Baud

    Strapping Jean Louis Baud is one of the most passionate vineyard managers there is. He has been with the Domaine for over eight years and loves managing his crew to get the job done in the vineyard. His favorite time of year is the harvest, which also marks the end of the working year. He also likes when new vintages come out and he can finally taste the fruit of his labor. His passion for nature and farming started while growing up in the Alpes de Haute Provence area of France. His father was a market gardener and he earned an Associate's degree in chemistry. He left school to help his family grow fruits and vegetables. Itching for a change in 2004, he headed to Hyères to do a BTS technical certificate in winegrowing and oenology. That was when he learned about Domain Saint André de Figuière, and he came here to do an internship. Jean Louis has been with us ever since. When not surrounded by vineyards (and it's hard to tear him away), he spends time with his two young daughters and his friends. And when they all sit down for a good meal, you can be sure there's a bottle of Première red to go with the wild board stew. Terroir oblige.

  • Catherine Doyet

    Responsable boutique
    Catherine Doyet

    When tourists make the effort to come all the way to the gift shop at Saint André de Figuière, they are sure to run into Catherine's smiling face. But this lady doesn't stop at a mere friendly hello. That smile also comes with a ton of great stories. Catherine studied business for five years, did postgraduate work in international business at the Rennes School of Business, then spent a year in San Francisco and Ontario, Canada. She has been with the Domaine for a decade and makes almost 20% of all its sales in the Domaine's own store. She enlightens visitors and teaches them about what she calls "the bits of terroir." This fascinating job brings her into contact with people from all over the world, and mostly Europe, depending on the various times of year. She waxes poetic talking to them about wine, makes sure they learn about the special features of each cru, the aromas, the textures – the list goes on.

  • Stéphanie Mossu

    Responsable de l’administration des ventes
    Stéphanie Mossu

    Stéphanie is a young mother from Paris who loves going out with friends and opted for a quieter life in the south of France. She likes taking care of her home in the center of La Londe village, which gives her a chance to work and be there for her two boys. Working among the vineyards was a dream come true for her and she's gradually becoming more familiar with the wine industry. As Sales Administrator at Domaine Saint André de Figuière, she manages orders and shipping. The job lets her use her logistics skills, which she enjoys the most. She likes opening a nice bottle of wine surrounded with friends, especially her favorite Première red along with a few great cheeses. That said, she wouldn't turn down a good bottle of Confidentielle rosé to go with some sea urchin, her guilty pleasure.

  • Florine Trichet

    Responsable marketing opérationnel
    Florine Trichet

    Florine left her home town of Poitou to join the Domaine in 2015. A recent graduate with three Masters under her belt, she headed for the south and Figuière to hone her marketing skills. Whether developing marketing and communications materials for the sales teams or posting all the latest news about the Domaine, she loves working in the wine industry where there is so much to learn. On the quiet side yet appealingly warm to say the least, she loves going out with friends and her favorite thing to do with them is open a bottle of Confidentielle white!

  • Sandrine Choine

    Responsable Comptable
    Sandrine Choine

    While she enjoys being a homebody and quiet evenings indulging her passion for dance and rugby, Sandrine loves the friendly family-oriented atmosphere at the office at the Domaine. She strikes the perfect balance in her job and enjoys a break from keeping the books through regular contact with customers on the telephone or when helping out in the store. Working among the rows of vines reminds her a little of her childhood. As a native of the Saintonge region of mid-western France, she joined Saint André de Figuière in 1996, which makes her one of the "elders" at the Domaine.

  • Thibault Lacroix

    Directeur des ventes France
    Thibault Lacroix

    For 20 years, Thibault had been making his way along the Rhone River and finally landed in La Londe at Domaine Saint André de Figuière in 2013. His passion for wine and fine cuisine has always driven his education and career in France and abroad. After earning a degree in international business and then graduating from Suze-La-Rousse University of Wine, he crisscrossed France and the world promoting wines and French winegrowing regions that are so dear to his heart and his roots in his native Lyon. As a lover of sports and challenges, he is training for a triathlon on the beautiful Mediterranean coast. The challenge he faces coming to Provence is directing sales in the network of agents and French sales reps plus building a wider reputation for the Domaine's wines.

  • Patrick Elard

    Responsable régional
    Patrick Elard

    A native of Touraine where he spent 28 years of his life, Patrick has held a succession of different positions in the wine industry: sommelier in Michelin-starred restaurants, wine retailer, winery sales rep and then regional sales manager for a large French winegrowing wholesale group. He brought all this experience to Figuière in November 2012 and found what had been driving him throughout his career – the chance to pour all his energy into one estate: Figuière!
    From Mandelieu to Menton and down to Monaco, Patrick now excites his clients, wine merchants and restaurant owners by using both his hats as merchant and winemaker to create some of the best wine menus and selections around. He adores taking a break at his home in Antibes where he entertains and cooks gourmet meals with love and indulgence based on the wonderful bottles that he matures with care.

  • Jean-Luc Cavallier

    Responsable commercial (83)
    Jean-Luc Cavallier

    Jean-Luc grew up in a little fishing village called Les Salins in the town of Hyères and began learning about wine at 16 when he became a waiter and worked in some of the finest restaurants in the area.
    His affinity for wines really became a career when he struck out on his own in the Var, and then opened a cellar a few years later. He ultimately accepted Alain Combard's offer and became the Domaine's exclusive ambassador. As one of its most loyal supporters, Jean-Luc has compiled the most coveted address book of wine and dining establishments in his region. Which wine really floats his boat? Première red with a leg of wild boar (he's also an avid hunter).