In the cellar at the Domaine, we are constantly exploring the possibilities of oenological techniques. Innovative methods are analyzed and then experiments are done in the winemaking and maturation phases to bring out new aspects and perhaps new cuvées.

There are three complementary concepts behind the way we practice the art of winemaking at the Domaine, which is co-directed by François Combard and Damien Pages:

Good wine is made on the vine in living soil.

Our goal is to make authentic wines. Intuition and experience drives our quest for purity that we sense in the schist rock of the Massif des Maures Mountain range.

In the cellar, guide nature but intervene as little as possible.

Respect the natural resource, do not restrict or force fermentation, avoid any unnecessary intervention, let time take its course, protect the originality of each parcel and each variety.

Approach blends using all the variety the terroir has to offer.

Finding the perfect blend is an artistic endeavor that needs a large palette to strike the right tone.

There is always one common thread:

make people happy, make solid unadorned wines rooted in the minerality of our soil and the light from our sky. That is the utopic vision that guides us.

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