The Figuière style is uncomplicated, pure, refined, a style with a minerality of strong character and natural distinction from the Domaine's schist rock terroir. The winemaking approach is also deliberately minimal, earnest, and unprocessed to bring out the genuine personality of this unique terroir and that of its winemaker. The result is tight wines that combine power and finesse, balance and aromatic complexity.


After the delightfully pure and mineral style so unexpected in a rosé comes the allure of an intense, lingering and dense aromatic depth. The Figuière style captivates the senses and the mind with the seemingly effortless artistry behind the culture of Provence's great wines.


While Provence is best known for its rosés, Figuière draws on its oenological expertise to take on a range of winemaking techniques specifically for reds and whites. Such versatility is a winemaker's dream! Inspired by the Combard family's Chablis legacy, Figuière whites are grown in schist soil and their minerality and balance make them truly outstanding. The reds are outstanding; they are the product of careful vineyard work and patience during the maturation process.


For the 2016 vintage, Figuière wines were given a new bottle with a sleek elegant design. The Figuière bottle has a distinctive shape featuring clean lines as a tribute to the mineral purity of its wines. It really comes into its own with the simple and stylish new label. A design that reflects the Domaine's new generation of winemakers who are blending tradition with 21st century techniques, craftsmanship and innovation, excellence and artistry.

Craftsmanship and design

Italian glassmaker Italesse worked with designer Luca Trazzi to produce the new iconic bottle for Figuière. The new bottle is blown in extra clear glass to showcase the wine's color and has a small Figuière logo on the bottom. There is sheer technical mastery behind the apparentsimplicity of the design.

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