Through its determination to protect this exceptional environment, Domaine de Figuière took the decision to grow its grapes organically, starting in 1979, and has received ECOCERT certification. For Alain Combard, it was a matter of pride when he took over the property to keep such pristine land free of chemical fertilizers. When he took the helm at the Domaine, he, and later his children, firmly believed that rather than a passing fad, they had the duty to maintain rich biological life in its soil. OPTIMUM GROWING CONDITIONS The vineyard has the ideal growing conditions for exceptional wines: one of the sunniest places in France, perfect for ripening a dozen varieties typical of Provence like Mourvèdre, Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault red grapes and Vermentino white grapes; - the sea only a few yards down from the vineyard as the crow flies, which regulates the heat so plants start growing earlier in the spring, the night-time summer dew and harvests before the rain begins in the fall.

Any sort of pesticides or chemical weed killers are prohibited, which stabilizes local wildlife and maintains the natural balance of insect predators.

Only organic fertilizer is used and animal manure is transformed into a special blend of compost.

Fungal treatments are restricted to those made from contact fungicides (sulfur, Bordeaux mixture) to prevent any residue from getting into the grapes and parasites from developing a resistance to the product.

As soon as buds begin to appear, they are painstakingly desuckered by hand. They go inch by inch to prevent the vines from being overloaded with grapes. Green harvesting is carried out towards the end of July.

he soil is tilled several times a year to aerate it and let in light. All of this work also enriches the soil deep down by burying the vine shoots and adding organic matter.

Soil erosion is staved off by covering every other row of the vineyard with clover.

Organic farming does require a lot of time and has a certain number of drawbacks, but it is well worth it. It makes the vines strong and healthy, as well as moderating their yields. They produce beautiful grapes that are full of the high quality elements the Domaine requires to create great wines.

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